Bank of America has reportedly fired 2 staffers who interfered with a sexual misconduct investigation

  • Bank of America has reportedly fired at least two staffers in its prime brokerage unit after finding they had interfered with an investigation of alleged misconduct by a recently fired executive, Omeed Malik.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the two employees, who are unnamed, had earlier been placed on leave.
  • Malik was fired in January following complaints from female staffers about misconduct.
  • Read the full report at the Wall Street Journal.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has reportedly fired two more employees as part of a probe into the bank’s prime brokerage unit.

In January, the bank fired Omeed Malik, a managing director and senior banker in the prime brokerage department, amid allegations from female employees that he made unwanted advances, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Two more employees in the unit – which provides services to hedge funds – have since been fired for interfering with the investigation into Malik’s alleged misconduct, the WSJ reported Wednesday. Bloomberg later reported that the two individuals were Joe Voboril and Valerie Ludorf.

Bank of America confirmed that the employees no longer work at the firm, and Malik’s lawyer did not comment, according to the WSJ.

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal.

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