Tampa Bank Of America Office Evacuated After Anthrax Scare

tampa bank of america anthrax powder

It isn’t just American Express that got envelopes filled with anthrax-style white powder today.

A Bank of America tower in Tampa was also evacuated this afternoon after a similar scare.

The St. Petersberg Times reports:

Around 500 people were evacuated from a Bank of America facility Thursday afternoon, after the company received packets of white powder and a threatening letter.

But the powder was found to be harmless, and workers were allowed to return to the building shortly after 2 p.m., said Capt. Bill Wade, a spokesman for Tampa Fire Rescue.

“Approximately 16 people were exposed to white powder,” he said “They’re not showing any symptoms.”

Multiple envelopes of the powder arrived at the bank’s operations centre at 4109 Gandy Boulevard around 1 p.m. The building was evacuated, and those exposed were examined by paramedics.

Image: tbo.com

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