Bank of America's Christmas Parties Totally Rock Compared To Goldman's!

office christmas party

Bank of America employees are pretty pleased with this year’s party plans. One happy banker is glad “we’re still having big parties.”

The bank usually has two big Christmas parties. Last year, they cancelled one of them and now the celebrating is being cut down even more, but they’ll still get to knock a few back on Bank of America’s tab (partially).

Christmas parties will happen in big groups of around 60.

The managing directors have been put in charge of their group’s celebrations and starting in mid December, they will take their groups of about 60 employees out for holiday parties at local NYC bars.

Their plans are way better than Goldman’s. Blankfein’s much hated-on firm recently banned holiday parties.

True, their party budget is a lot less this year than last, but B of A MDs plan to personally pick up the rest of their group’s tab. Nice.

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