Bank Of America Customer Rep Transfers Man To Foot Fetish Line

Feet water

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A Bank of America customer named David got a weird surprise when he called the bank to report allegedly fraudulent activity on his debit card.A customer service representative transferred him to a foot-fetish phone sex call centre.

Check out the excerpt below.

[via Consumerist]

“[A Customer Service Representative at the main fraud division] apologized and then transferred us. There was a short pause, and then we heard a breathy, aroused female voice enticing us [to] participate on a phone sex line specializing in something called ‘Feet Sex’. Although mildly amusing, this was also extremely frustrating, since we were worried that additional purchases were being made as we were trying to shut down the card.”

“On the fourth try, when my wife explained that, on our last attempt, we were transferred to a ‘Feet Sex’ line, he simply replied “I don’t doubt it, ma’am”, and then successfully transferred us to the automated purchase verification system where we were able to flag the suspicious purchases.”

Maybe Bank of America has the same problem as the SEC.

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