Bank Intern Tried To Start A Blog About Being A Summer Analyst And It Got Shut Down After One Day

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The blog of an intern at “a middle-market investment bank in Los Angeles, who promised to write about his trials on the job under the pseudonym ‘Mumbles’,” was shut down after only one day, Dealbook reports.This is unfortunate news for the financial blogging community, but at least we had one day with Mumbles.

The blog was called “Life of an Investment Banking Summer Slave,” and has since been removed.

Here’s what we know about Mumbles, via Dealbook:

I don’t have a 4.0 GPA, play lacrosse, or belong to any secret societies. Rather, I play real sports – basketball and golf, do enough to get by in school, and prefer a CFA to an MBA.

This summer, I joined an exclusive club. A club filled with ivy leaguers, valedictorians, paper pushers, foot soldiers, and me, the chip-on-the-shoulder state school kid. We call ourselves: Investment Banking Summer Analysts – essentially, we’re superheroes without the capes.

Mumbles also told his readers, “never go home before a VP,” and ruminated on his future on Wall Street:

We work ourselves to within an inch of our sanity because somewhere out there, in the distance, we see a faint and distant picture of our desired future. A future filled with summer homes in the Hampton’s [sic], private jets, and model trophy wives, all by the age of 30 five.

If you’re thinking of trying to pick up where Mumbles left off, you can, but the url:, “has been removed” and “this address is not available for new blogs.”

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