Bang With Friends Is Raising ~ $1 Million To Help People Find Hook Up Buddies


Bang with Friends (BWF) is a Facebook app that does exactly what you’re thinking it does. It helps people on Facebook find friends to hook up with rather than date.

So it may come as a shock that BWF is raising a ~ $1 million seed round, and investors are actually giving the founders money.

According to multiple people familiar with the deal, BWF already has some money in the bank. We’re told Tim Draper and Great Oaks Venture Capital are investors.

Investors we spoke with who knew of the round explained it as “curious” and “kinda stupid.” But BWF had great initial traction for such a…casual…product.

When Business Insider interviewed one of the founders four weeks ago, it had 820,000 users without spending any money on marketing and it had matched 200,000 couples. A match is when two users agree to meet in person via BWF.

Great Oaks did not responded to a request for comment and BWF declined to comment on its fundraise.

For more on BWF check out: The Anonymous Co-Founder Of ‘Bang With Friends’ Explains How He’s Helped 200,000 Couples Connect >

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