The Designer Behind Facebook's Sexy Offices Built A Killer New Home For This Music Startup

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Photo: Business Insider / Matthew Lynley

Design firm O+A seems to have the golden touch.It’s the firm Facebook, Square and dozens of other high-profile technology companies have hired to design offices.

Now they’re designing the layout for the new offices of BandPage, one of Facebook’s top music apps.

BandPage gives artists a way to quickly build a fan page for their band. Half of the top 250 most-liked bands on Facebook use it, and it’s enlisted more than 500,000 artists.

The whole office has a very music-centric vibe to it. There are windows everywhere and wide open spaces.

Best of all, it has fantastic acoustics to go with it. Just like you’d expect for a music-centric company. all its five-screen glory.

It's hiring like crazy. Three people started the day we visited — including this guy.

Each floor has its own music station, which the employees can access via Airplay.

You can play music from Spotify, or Pandora, or whatever you like.

The entire company eats lunch at 12:30 p.m. at these picnic tables.

That's actually water — RootMusic doesn't serve anything other than it...

...except the obligatory keg of Trumer Pilsner.

RootMusic employees still have to pay for the beer, though. It works out to around $2 a pint.

There's music all around the office...

...and each employee lives and breathes it.

These phone booths were installed because employees kept having to run to the restroom to have a phone call in private.

There's plenty of swag around the office. These keyboards glow red, for example.

All the wood paneling came from the CEO's roommates, who run a wood-tying company.

And there's plenty of toys, like any startup.

The entire office is flooded with light.

There are windows surrounding all four sides — and you can see the bay out of the southern-facing windows.

RootMusic changed its name to BandPage, which is the name of their app.

Even the chef has an office...

...and a whole room to herself to experiment.

This room is called the library.

It's exactly like the name implies — you can check out a book on coding.

The CEO has an account with Amazon, which all the employees can access and use to order a coding resource text.

The bathrooms are quite swanky.

The whole office is located on the second and third floors of a building owned by a winery. They let RootMusic join in wine tasting from time to time.

There's still a little bit of assembly required, though.

Think that was a sweet office?

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