Band Leaks Tracks To BitTorrent, Feigns Outrage

Getting your album leaked online in advance of its official release is now standard operating practice in the music business. Nearly 10 years into the Napster era, many acts don’t mind, and think of the inevitable leaks as free promotion. But some really don’t want it to happen, and go through great effort to stop it — without success.

Radio-friendly hard-rock band Buckcherry, whose album Black Butterfly is being released in September, would like us to believe they’re in the latter group. But they’re actually in the former.

Confused? Here’s the story: Last week, after a single track from Black Butterfly showed up on BitTorrent, the band issued an outraged press release through their label, Atlantic Records (WMG): “Honestly, we hate it when this s*** happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first.”

BitTorrent tracker news site, TorrentFreak, however, was a bit suspicious about the leak and the press release, which now can’t be found online. So, they did a little investigating and discovered that the IP address of the person who uploaded the track was the same as that of the band’s manager. Oops!

Moral: Next time you want to feign outrage, have your friend upload your songs.

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