Here's how to play 'Balls vs Blocks,' the addicting new game that just jumped to the top of the App Store

Another week means another addicting new smartphone game. 

This one is called “Balls VS Blocks,” and it just skyrocketed to the top of the App Store’s free apps chart.

Made by game maker Voodoo, “Balls VS Blocks” is a combination of “Snake,” “Brick Breaker,” and “Ballz,” with the goal being to create a chain of balls that has enough power to break through numbered blocks. If your chain hits a block it can’t break, you die. 

Here’s what it looks like in action: 

The game is played entirely by swiping the screen to move your chain of balls — which the game refers to as a snake — to catch more balls and to break through blocks. 

The game is fun and easy to play, and there’s no penalty if your turn ends — you can simply start over and try again. The only downside to the game is that there are a lot of ads in between turns. If it bothers you, there’s an option to pay $US2.99 to remove them.

“Balls VS Blocks” is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android devices. 


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