Balloono: Iminlikewithyou’s Biggest Hit Yet


Remember that feeling on the last day of school before a big break for the winter or summer? The light-in-the-chest feeling that no one is actually trying to get anything done, just distracting themselves from the clock?

Well, when that feeling struck bloggers at All Things D and Alley Insider last week — we won’t name names — the winner was Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman and his new, addictive multiplayer game Balloono.

These bloggers kept playing it over and over.

Turns out they weren’t the only ones. Chuck tells us Balloono is his startup’s most popular game yet. Even more played — by about 20% this week — than his also very addictive multiplayer version of Tetris, called Blockles.

Chuck tells us Balloono’s reached reached almost one million plays just this week and users have spent a total of 3.77 years virtually splashing each other’s virtual monkeys.

We asked Chuck if the game’s success has pushed Iminlikewithyou any closer to revenues — his plan is to sell in-game upgrades — and…he didn’t answer.  We have heard, though, that Chuck’s investors fall comfortably into the “RIP Good Times” camp, so expect Iminlikewithyou to (try to) turn on revenues soon enough.

Try Balloono for yourself:

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