The Beautiful Young Daughters Of The Baldwin Brothers

Stephen Baldwin Hailey BaldwinHailey Baldwin made headlines this week when the grown up looking daughter of Stephen Baldwin attended the ‘After Earth’ premiere.

Blonde, slender, 5’10, 17-year-old Hailey Baldwin turned heads Wednesday night as she accompanied her father, Stephen, Baldwin, down the red carpet at the “After Earth” premiere.

But before Hailey was making headlines with her more grown up looks, her cousin Ireland Baldwin — the celebuspawn of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger — entered the scene with her racy Instagram photos and recently announced modelling contract.

Besides the two blonde models, there’s also beautiful brunette Baldwin cousins.

While the four Baldwin brothers have had their fair share of drama — when they decided to procreate, they did a pretty good job.

Meet the beautiful Baldwin cousins >
In case you’re confused who belongs to which Baldwin brother, here’s a quick breakdown:

Alec Baldwin:

Daughter Ireland (born 1995)

Stephen Baldwin:

Daughter Alaia (born 1993)
Daughter Hailey (born 1996)

Billy Baldwin:

Daughter Jameson (born 2000)
Son Vance (born 2002)
Daughter Brooke (born 2004)

Daniel Baldwin:

Kahlea Baldwin (born 1990)
Alexandra Baldwin (born 1994)
Atticus Baldwin (born 1996)
Avis Baldwin (born 2008)
Finley Baldwin (born 2009)

Hailey Baldwin is Stephen Baldwin's second-born daughter.

She has always been close with her father. They even had matching hair!

They post a lot of selfies.

Hailey started accompanying her dad to red carpet events when she was young.

And has been walking the runway since she was 15-years-old.

She is still modelling at age 17.

And is one of the faces of clothing brand Brandy Melville USA.

In her free time, she does ballet.

Hailey's older sister, Alaia, is the first daughter of Stephen Baldwin and Brazilian graphic designer, Kennya Baldwin.

Today, Alaia is 20-years-old.

Alaia has also accompanied her dad to red carpet premieres.

She is very close with her sister, Hailey.

And both sisters are close with their dad.

Maybe a little too close.

17-year-old Hailey is best friends with 15-year-old Kardashian offspring, Kylie Jenner.

They are also friends with Will Smith's kids, Jaden and Willow Smith.

Hailey is super close with her cousin, Ireland Baldwin -- Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's daughter.

They post a lot of photos together.

Go to Justin Bieber concerts together.

And kiss Alec Baldwin's wife's pregnant belly.

Hailey is even close with Ireland's dad — her uncle, Alec Baldwin.

Despite past family tensions, Ireland now gets along well with her dad and pregnant stepmom, Hilaria.

Ireland is 17-years-old and dating surfer Slater Trout.

She also models and recently signed a modelling contract with IMG.

She isn't shy.

Kahlea is another brunette Baldwin cousin — she is one of Daniel Baldwin's 5 children.

All of the cousins love these glasses.

Here's Kahlea at Stephen Baldwin's wedding with her uncles.

Cousin Jameson Baldwin is the young daughter of Billy Baldwin and singer Chynna Philips.

Here's Jameson with her family on a ski trip.

And here's the whole Baldwin clan this Easter. They're a tight bunch.

Now see who else benefits from Hollywood nepotism ...

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