Science says the smell of sandalwood could be the answer to baldness

Juergen Schwarz/Getty ImagesActor Bruce Willis

The smell of sandalwood might be the answer to baldness.

UK researchers found the substances that create sandalwood’s smell also stimulate hair growth in human scalp tissue.

To be able to smell sandalwood, the odour molecules trigger smell receptors in our noses.

But it turns out the outside of hair follicles have the smell receptors as well.

The researchers found that applying synthetic sandalwood odour molecules on samples of human scalp stimulated hair growth by reducing cell death and boosting the production of growth factors in the hair root.

The findings of the study by Ralf Paus of the University of Manchester and colleagues are reported in the journal Nature Communications.

The researchers suggest that olfactory receptors may serve as a target for the development of hair loss therapies.

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