LOSING IT: Athletes Who Are Going Bald Fast

LeBron James

Photo: TwitPic

Lebron James has been keeping us entertained during the NBA Lockout with his cute tweets of pictures of his son, and his funny tweets about his fear of losing all of his hair.Today in hair tweets:

“My Biggest Fear is losing it all!”


“I really just let Luigi from Super Mario Brothers cut my hair! Haaaa #whatwasithinking”

It’s OK LeBron, you’re not alone, plenty of other all star athletes are going bald.

Wayne Rooney's hairline is quickly pushing back, but it's rumoured he recently got hair plugs

We're not sure A-Rod should have dumped Cameron Diaz, he's losing his hair fast

Lebron James' receding hairline is usually covered by a sweatband, but it's there, he's even been tweeting about it

Shaq went bald a long time ago, so he just keeps a nice buzz, looks good on him

Mike Tyson's hairline started receding a while ago, now he keeps it shaved

It looks like Beckham's hairline is heading back, he might want to go back to the buzzed look

There may be a reason why Tom Brady keeps his hair long these days..

Brian Urlacher keeps his hair short, so it's harder to notice

Tiger Woods has had a rough couple of years, maybe stress is leading to hair loss

Matt Hasselbeck can blame it on his helmet?

Kevin Garnett decided to get rid of all of it

Charles Barkley used to keep a little hair on top, but now he shaves it all away

Even one of the greatest pitchers of all time Mariano Rivera is balding

Maybe Dustin Pedroia is losing more stressing over his Red Sox struggle

Andre Agassi embraced his baldness and shaved it all off

Soccer Player Zinedine Zidane is known for being bald

We hope it has nothing to do with steroid use...

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