AWKWARD: Someone From Bain Capital Emailed Gawker About Making An Investment


Mike Griffin, an analyst at Bain Capital, emailed Gawker’s Nick Denton about a possible partnership. In his email, Griffin thought it would be a fruitful venture to explore “synergies between Gawker and Bain Capital Ventures and…find ways that we could be helpful as you continue to grow.”

What he didn’t realise is that Gawker published hundreds of pages of Bain Capital’s confidential financial records, some of which revealed that Bain employed a potentially illegal tax dodge currently under investigation by the New York Attorney General.

Gawker’s John Cook called Griffin to ask if he was familiar with Gawker’s reporting on Bain, and he was not.

“I’ve been working here for like a week now,” Griffin told Gawker. “I just thought it was a unique idea. We work with a lot of similar companies. I had no idea about the [Bain stories]. I’m not sure it would work out. This is awkward.”

Here’s the text of the email:



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