A Huge RBS Glitch Resulted In One Man Being Stuck In Jail For A Weekend


When the Royal Bank of Scotland computer system experienced a glitch last week, most account holders complained about not being able to receive paychecks or access their money for a few days. One man has a much more serious qualm — he was stuck in jail for the weekend.

After unsuccessfully trying to pay his bail, an unnamed defendant in Canterbury Crown Court in Kent, UK was kept in jail until yesterday because of the RBS glitch. According to the Telegraph, computer problems made it impossible to confirm the payment or receive a receipt.

The judge presiding over the case had demanded a receipt of surety before the defendant could be released.  

In a win for common sense and understanding, a similar situation at Westminster’s Magistrates’ Court in London was resolved when the magistrate allowed for a defendant to be released even though confirmation of his payment could not be made, according to the Telegraph.

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