The Bahrain Army Just Started Firing Machine Guns Right Into The Protesters


10:24 ET: A doctor from Bahrain’s Salminaya Hospital was just interviewed on Al-Jazeera. He has seen several protesters whose skulls were shattered. He says this shows the soldiers were shooting to kill. These is a “bloodbath” at the hospital.

9:50 ET: This could get ugly.

Both NYT’s Nicholas Kristoff and AP’s Hadeel Al-Shalchi are tweeting that the army in Abharain have started firing live ammo directly at protesters, who were marching towards a hospital, which housed other injured protesters.

It’s clear that unlike in Egypt — where for the most part the Army was not violent in one direction or another — the Bahrain royal family has control of its military, and is using it to crack down on protesters, a situation that will make things potentially more bloody.

Of course, Bahrain is a big pivot point for the region. If it falls, Saudi Arabia could conceivably go, which is why they’re panicking there.

If you missed it, check out the stunning comments a Suadi prince made earlier about the prospect of revolution in that country >

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