That Tennis Player’s Racquet-Breaking Rampage Might Have A Perfectly Logical Explanation

marcos baghdatis destroys tennis racket in australia open

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Marcos Baghdatis lost his mind and broke four tennis racquets in 60 seconds at the Australian Open two nights ago.But it’s possible that the outburst wasn’t just raw emotion, Jeff Bercovici at Forbes brilliantly points out.

Apparently, Baghdatis just got dropped by his racquet sponsor Tecnifibre a few weeks ago.

A Tecnifibre spokesperson told Forbes that the relationship between the two parties had “weakened” and the company was not “100% sure he could represent Tecnifibre state of mind.”

So maybe Baghdatis wasn’t just taking out his frustration in his poor play when he mangled four racquets. Maybe he was lashing out against the cruel system of tennis racquet sponsorship, and the fickle decision-makers at Tecnifibre who ended his contract.

Watch and decide for yourself: