Inside Badoo, The Biggest Start Up You've Never Heard Of (PHOTO TOUR)

Badoo Tour

Photo: Adam Taylor / Business Insider

Badoo may be the biggest start up you’ve never heard of.While it’s not well known in America, the company has become a major social network in other parts of the world, including Brazil and other Spanish speaking countries, and has over 119 million users.

The company’s largest office is in London, located in a nice office in Soho, a short walk from Facebook’s UK offices.

Around 70 people work in the London offices.

There are also offices in Russia, where the majority of the company’s investment comes from, where around 50 people work. There are also 300 customer service reps and photo moderators working remotely.

While in London recently we stopped by their new offices to see how they’re settling in…

Badoo's new office is in the heart of Soho

Once visitors enter the Badoo office, they're greeted by a giant red desk with free diet coke

Next to the red desk, some lovely vintage furniture forms a waiting area of sorts

By the antiques is a screen showing the current number of Badoo users. Sadly, the number is a half million or so out for some reason.

Here are the tentative plans for this area.

The first group we see are the finance team, angry with our intrusion

Here's a view from the finance teams window across Soho. If you squint you might be able to see Facebook UK's roofdeck...

The company had to move 2 times in the last year, and they are still putting the finishing touches to this office.

Next up is Andrew Parker, CFO. Andrew has worked at PWC, Sony and V2 Music Group.

Here our guide Lloyd Price (right) and COO Bart Swanson pretend to have a meeting for us. Bart has worked at Amazon and EMI records and has an MBA from Wharton.

Badoo only moved 3 weeks ago due to an unexpected delay, so some rooms are unfinished. Here, a big flatscreen TV is being installed.

Here are the customer service teams, working hard to ensure Badoo users are happy

Due to the large number of non-English speakers that use Badoo, the site needs a lot of international staff to deal with their customers

On the left here is Nicolas Boulay, Mobile Marketing Manager, and on the right Jean-Laurent Wotton, Director of Performance Marketing. Both are French.

This space here is awaiting an update...

Here's the kitchen. The black wall on the right is designed to be drawn on in chalk.

From the kitchen you can just about make out the London Eye

Of course, this being a start up, there is a room full of bean bags, though I'm assured this will change.

And finally, the product room, with lots of plans on the wall. We'll leave them to work!

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