Here's A Big Pile Of More Bad News

Burning Garbage

Photo: Hani Amir

In addition to the overall market decline, we’ve seen a bunch of other ugly details this morning.So we thought we’d just do a bad news roundup.

  • The spread between Spanish and German yields has hit a brand new record.
  • Copper, which is supposedly a great barometer of the global economy, is down 2.5%.
  • Despite that RRR cut, Citi has cut its China GDP forecast.
  • The Shanghai market fell 0.6% last night.
  • Spanish bank borrowing from the ECB has hit a new record.
  • The Aussie dollar has fallen below parity against the US dollar.
  • Oil has dropped below $95/barrel.

And yes, that’s on top of overall market carnage.

UPDATE: And it gets worse! Eurozone industrial production missed big time >

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