Bad Medicine: Dr. Marc Faber On Bernanke's Quack Cures

 “If there’s one institution in the US that consistently and repeatedly messes up everything, the Federal Reserve is that institution.”

So says famed investor Marc Faber in an interview he gave to this week. In it, Chris and he dive deep into the Fed activity (encouraged by Washington and Wall Street) responsible for the current severe health of our economic system. Both feel that once you understand the nature of the critical role the Fed now plays, you have much better clarity into what the most probable outcomes for our economy and financial markets will be.

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In this podcast, Marc explains his views on why: 

  • Government intervention into the free markets has been increasing since the early 1980s (S&Ls, Mexico, LTCM, etc) and is the root cause of our issues, as each intervention brings the system further off track
  • The principal vehicle for this intervention, the Fed, has a near-perfect track record of creating unsustainable asset bubbles (to which it is largely blind) when it intervenes
  • Since its founding, the Fed has been dedicated to expansionary monetary policy. When looking at history, there’s an argument to be made that per capita price management in the US was better under the gold standard we had before the Fed.
  • We’re on a direct path to higher inflation, despite the Fed’s preference for raising the deflation spectre and citing the low (and ridiculously-calculated) CPI.
  • While the Fed is printing money with abandon right now (e.g. buying all new Treasury issuances for the next six months), doing so is raising the risk of a hyperinflationary currency collapse.
  • US government bonds are a disasterous investment going forward (even if the deflationists are right).
  • The revolving door between Wall Street and Washington motivates our leadership to preserve the status quo, which is corrosive to markets because smaller investors are waking up to the fact that the rules are stacked in favour of the big players. Investing as we have historically thought of it is dead.

In  Part 2: Prognosis for 2011 (for enrolled members – click here to enroll), Marc details his thinking on how the endgame will play out, as well as his specific outlook for 2011. 

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