Nobody has even touched on the worst part of the Entourage movie


It’s been a few weeks, and I’ve been waiting for someone to touch on what’s truly awful about the Entourage movie.

But no one has come forward.

So I guess it will have to be me.

The worst part of the Entourage movie has nothing to do with its own content, the problem is that everyone is watching old episodes of Entourage.

And those old episodes remind us of a dark, dark time in men’s fashion.

This was a time when the most manly thing to do with your clothes was to not care about your clothes. Gorgeous actor Vinnie Chase wanders around Los Angeles in bowling shirts and flip-flops.

His brother, Johnny Drama, consistently wears short-sleeved button down shirts open over tee-shirts. This boggles the mind. He also cannot find a paid of jeans that fit him (no one on the show really can).

On the topic of jeans, actually, this was a time when men wore jeans with embroidery on the back pocket.

Like I said, dark.

The only shining light is Ari Gold, whose well-tailored suits bring a welcome breath of fresh air to season after season of men’s striped “going out” shirts.

Ari Gold Lloyd Entourage

Entourage went off the air in 2011. Luckily, since then, men’s fashion has undergone something of a revolution. The internet changed the shopping experience for men.

Instead of having to spend hours in stores, men can now shop from their phones with brands that make it clear they are trying to make the experience as simple as possible.

Just two years after Entourage ended, men’s wear sales at some contemporary websites that carried both men and women’s apparel experienced a whopping 50% jump compared to their brick and mortar counter-parts.

“If total women’s clothing sales in the U.S. are about $US120 billion, and men’s are about $US60 billion, does that mean that men’s has a $US30 billion upside if there were more fashion for them to buy,” former Joe Boxer CEO Nick Graham mused in Women’s Wear Daily.

See, now that it’s easier for them to look good, men are actually starting to embrace looking good.

You see it everywhere — in how men are trimming their facial hair, buying accessories, caring more about suit tailoring and shoe quality. There are digitally-based, experience-focused companies for all of that now.

It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

And Entourage is just a reminder of how ugly it once was.

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