Credit Crunch Christmas: The Banker Video That’s Outraging Britain


The video below isn’t exactly hilarious but what’s amusing is how fired up people are getting about it. Check out this article from the Daily Express:

SNEERING bankers have released a record mocking the economic misery facing millions of Britons.

The single, Credit Crunch Christmas, features the chorus: “Sorry we ****** up your Christmas, but really we don’t give a s***.” 

…It also shows footage of bankers drinking and urinating in a London pub. Later lyrics include lines about people not being able to meet their Visa interest payments.

The City Boyz, named as Ciarran “The Brawler”, Dave, Jeremy and Marcus, declined to reveal their employers’ names but are City bankers and stock brokers.

One claimed to work for the collapsed investment house Lehman Brothers.

City Boyz spokesman Dave said: “We were down O’Neills, p****d as usual and p****d off that we were getting the blame for the crunch all the bloody time.

…In keeping with the City’s reputation for looking after its own interests, royalties from the record will go towards another drinking session.

Dave snidely said: “All the proceeds are going behind the bar…you could say it’s a charity record!”