Someone In Southern California Won $59,000 By LOSING This Incredible Hand Of Poker Last Night

To spice things up a bit, a lot of poker rooms at casinos have something called a “Bad Beat” jackpot.

A “Bad Beat” is when, say, you have four of a kind (which is an amazing hand) but you lose to someone with an even higher four of a kind.

What happens is, the poker room sets up an ever-increasing pot that resets to zero when someone loses on one of these bad beats.

According to Reddit user Fat_drunk_estupido the Bad Beat Jackpot at a casino in Southern California got up to $194,633 when this hand occurred: Both players got a straight flush, but one person had the royal flush, while the other had the low end.

But the low ender was the huge winner:

177 players in the room took home $221 each. The Bad Beat had a Queen High Straight Flush taking home $58,436. The winning hand was a Royal Flush, taking home $38,933. 6 players at the table going home with $9,733.

Via Imgur:

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