Bacon Lovers Will Go Weak For Hartsyard, The Sydney Restaurant Famous For Its 'Dude Food'

There’s no better place for a no-nonsense, full-flavoured dinner in Sydney than Hartsyard, a “dude food” diner in Newtown that opened last year run by New York-trained chef Gregory Llewellyn

You might hear about it being Sydney’s slice of Williamsburg, with the most authentic American food in the city, in a stylishly decked-out interior – and yes, it’s all of those things.

But you should also know about the bacon.

The menu is a celebration of all parts of the pig. One of the dishes, by way of illustration, is pulled pork — served with bacon.

This week I was at a hastily-arranged farewell dinner for a friend who has been visiting in Sydney. We ordered as many pig derivatives as we could, as well as the famous fried chicken.

Other signature dishes worth trying if you visit include the poutine (fat chips with cheese and gravy) and oyster po’boys. We omitted these last night in favour of the pig meat.

Reservations can be tricky at short notice but it’s possible to put your name down at the door and there’s a bar right across the road where you can have a drink and wait. The staff will call you when a table’s free.

Staple mains around the $30 mark and they also serve a couple of craft beers on tap including a house red ale. There’s menu and booking information at the Hartsyard website.

Click through the slides – complete with dodgy mobile phone photos – for a look at some of the piggy treats.

We start with a Manhattan made with bacon-infused whiskey -- garnished with bacon!

This is a must-try cocktail to whet your appetite for the feast of pig ahead. There are other options including a martini with muddled dill pickle.

Our starter was some smoked ham, ploughman style. We also had some grilled roulette peppers.

We sat at the stylish marble bar counter -- sitting on a bar stool is the best way to enjoy this no-nonsense food.

Next up was the crispy pig tails. The soft meat is inside those crumbed hockey pucks.

Now we're getting down to business. The flavours are punchy, but there's some subtle seasoning to remind you there's real skill involved with preparing this -- it isn't something you could do in your own kitchen.

Then it was time for the pulled pork served with yoghurt and maple bacon.

This is the dish you tell others about - something that should put Hartsyard on the to-do list for every bacon lover. I've sourced a decent photo of this to do it justice. Behold.

Finally, the fried chicken with the buttermilk biscuit and low country gravy.

This is an authentically American treat. Sure, it's a slightly fancier version of KFC. But KFC is great.

The wine was a sangiovese blend from Victoria which had some pinot noir and, unusually, some sauvignon blanc in it. This was a mistake - it was too light for the industrial-weight food.

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