Backstage With A Model At The Vampire-Inspired Christian Siriano Fashion Show This Weekend

fashion week, behind the scenes at christian siriano,Louise Maselis checking out her look in the mirror before the show.

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

A cloud of hair spray engulfs Louise Maselis as she studies her reflection in the mirror backstage at Chelsea art gallery EyeBeam Atelier, minutes before the Christian Siriano runway show.This is Maselis’ first New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and she’s reveling in the excitement and the fast-pace nature of it all.

“I’m really, really excited and not too nervous for my first season,” said the 19-year-old Belgian beauty. Siriano’s show was the fourth of the week for Maselis, who also walked for Cynthia Rowley this season. Maselis has been modelling for four years.

At Siriano’s show, Maselis told us about her favourite part of the former “Project Runway” winner’s collection.

“The entire thing, it’s amazing and so cool,” Maselis said. “I love the inspiration. I love the makeup. It’s based around vampires and bats. It’s very rock-chic. I love it.”

The dark lips and pale faces helped the models embody the vampire-look. And the clothes they wore on the runway had wings, so that they truly did resemble bats.

The hour before the runway show begins, each model is surrounded by at least three makeup or hair artists who perfect her runway look. There’s a quick walk through, so the models get a feel for the runway. Christian Siriano even gave the group a demonstration of the perfect runway turn.

Maselis wore a bold black sparkly piece during rehearsal. Here she strikes a pose for us.

Another model gets her hair done. Most of the girls had long hair in the show.

We're talking really long.

This model has five Aveda artists working on her.

Here the makeup artist applies some powder to stick with the pale-skin look.

Check out all the makeup that is used.

There was an excessive amount of hairspray in the air.

Contrary to popular belief, the models do eat. They nearly cleared out the craft service table here.

This model practices her pose backstage.

It seemed like the models were always being fussed over.

The models had their hair pulled back halfway for the show.

Christian Siriano showed the models how he wanted them to walk down the runway.

Here's one model during the practice walk through.

Siriano poses for the cameras.

Notice the dark lips.

This model needed a break.

We spotted a few models texting before the show.

The model on the left already was embodying the vampire theme.

This model rocked a short hair cut. Later in the show, she wore a long gown with a leather jacket.

This hair stylist made sure the models looked straight ahead, so she could perfect their looks.

Then it was time for the show to begin

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