See What You're Supposed To Buy Your Kids For Back-To-School

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It’s time for back-to-school shopping, and the National Retail Federation predicts this will be a strong year.So the retailers are coming out with the promotions full force. It’s this barrage of marketing that helps determine what kids and teens will be wearing this fall.

Every store is different, but some key trends include brightly-coloured jeans, denim jackets and layering.

We went to all the major websites to see what they’re pushing for the back to school season.

Target is having promotions on coloured denim, sweaters, graphic t-shirts and button-ups.

For juniors, skinny jeans, flowing skirts and bright sweatshirts are in.

Wal-Mart sells a lot of nondescript clothing that could work for a uniform. They're also promoting t-shirts.

For girls, they claim to have the right skinny jeans for any personality.

American Eagle is pushing skinny denim, jackets, scarves and layers.

For boys, they have button-up shirts layered with cardigans.

Abercrombie is promoting these skinny jeans with a blazer and flip-flops.

They're also showcasing this look, with a skirt and vest.

Boys also have a fitted jean, blazer look. It's paired with flip-flops.

And here are some shorts, with a blazer, button-up and flip flops.

At Urban Outfitters, they're selling graphic t's, discounted denim and these flowing dresses.

For men, they offer more conservative looks including these t-shirts and button-up tops. They also feature a cargo jacket.

Most of Aeropostale's clothes feature their signature plaid with stripes.

At Macy's, it's all about the coloured denim this year.

They're also offering these looks to juniors as an example of what's cool in the fall.

JC Penney is promoting more of a bohemian lok for girls and guys. They're also offering free haircuts.

Old Navy is showing off these bright t-shirts and jeans.

Meanwhile the Children's Place offers this look for boys:

And this look for girls:

You've seen retailers' back-to-school picks....

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