Bachmann Has More Than Doubled Her Support In The Last Month

michelle bachmann

Michele Bachmann has more than doubled her support among Republican primary voters nationwide since last month’s New Hampshire debate, while Mitt Romney’s campaign, though still in the lead, has more or less stalled, a new Quinnipiac University poll reveals.

The poll shows Romney leading Bachmann, 25% to her 14%. While his support level remains unchanged since the June 8th Quinnipiac poll, Bachmann’s has jumped eight points since last month.

Bachmann’s advance also displaces Sarah Palin as Romney’s closest competitor. Palin, who has not yet announced whether she will run, fell a statistically insignificant three points in the last month, to 12%.

Romney is the only Republican candidate who, when matched directly against President Barack Obama in a general election, pulls the president’s support below 50%. In that hypothetical match-up, Obama leads Romney, 47% to 41%. Obama beats Bachmann in a direct contest, 50% to 38%.

Romney is also the only Republican candidate who runs even with President Obama among independent voters, 42% to 40% in a one-to-one match-up. The president leads among independent voters when faced against Bachmann, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (who has also not announced yet), and, most dramatically, over Palin, beating her among independents, 50% to 33%.

When asked whether President Obama deserves to be re-elected in 2012, an equal number of respondents (47%) respond positively and negatively. While the latter figure was approximately the same at this point last year—48% said he did not deserve to be re-elected—the percentage of those who think he does has jumped dramatically, up from 40% last summer. This may indicate a reinvigorated base, as reflected by the announcement today of record-breaking fundraising totals.

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