Want To Run For President? The Quickest Way To Raise Money Is To Say Something Idiotic On Cable TV

Michele Bachmann

Today the Washington Post coined the term the ‘money blurt’ to describe what happens when politicians say unplanned, incredibly idiotic things, that subsequently go viral on the Internet and eventually become fundraising tools.

To wit: Michele Bachmann (naturally): “Shortly after accusing President Obama of having “anti-American views” during one cable-news appearance, for example, Bachmann took in nearly $1 million.”

She is not alone.  WaPo also notes that heckler Joe Wilson who yelled ‘you lie’ at the president during his State of the Union address raised $2 million following his outburst.

The list goes on.  And of course, one might argue Sarah Palin‘s entire political career has been one big in-genius money blurt.

So if it seems like politicians are getting extra dumb and offensive in the next 12 months (hard to imagine…but still) it’s not your imagination!  They are just trying to make money.  Just like the blogosphere.

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