This is the best advice an interior designer has for guys who want an awesome bachelor pad

Michael dublin house tourDustin Walker for Laurel & WolfInside Michael Dubin’s home.

Designing a new space can be an intimidating task on your own.

James Tabb, an interior designer working with the startup Laurel & Wolf, has some advice for guys looking to create a comfortable bachelor pad: don’t go it alone.

“Bring in a professional,” Tabb said in an interview discussing his work on Michael Dubin’s home in Venice, California. Dubin is the cofounder and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, the razor subscription startup that sold to Unilever for a reported $US1 billion in July 2016.

However, for those who “can’t or don’t want to,” Tabb has a very important piece of advice he thinks all men should heed.

“Stay away from comfortable ‘looking’ things,” he said. “It’s a huge mistake a lot of people make: they buy the sofa or chairs that LOOK comfortable, but in a matter of months, they wear out or just start looking slumpy and sad.”

Tabb instead recommends buying ergonomic furniture that “looks sexy and is comfortable to boot,” noting that the those pieces will last longer and look better.

Michael dublin house tourDustin Walker for Laurel & WolfDubin’s living room.

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