Here's The Best Advice Lady Gaga Ever Got That You Should Follow

Lady Gaga

Like everyone else, I was bombarded with GagaMania this week in the wake of the Grammy’s, the Leno appearance, and of course, the new single, Born This Way. I continue to be stunned and amazed by this tiny woman and her preternatural “presence” at just 24 years old.

Something struck me in listening to her and watching her do her thing: at some point, someone told her “do your thing, it’s your biggest asset” and she believed them. She’s now on her way to earning unspeakable amounts of money, and holds more sway than most heads of state.

What is so important about this for those of us slogging away in the real world of business?
Some of the biggest “issues” I see in helping people become stronger presenters is this:  many of us fundamentally question our own worthiness.  We wonder, “What could I possibly say that hasn’t been said?” or more plainly, “Who am I to call myself an expert?”

The reality is, that voice is right: “…nothing new under the sun…” and all that, right?  But one thing is utterly original, completely new, and never to be repeated again in the history of human kind – YOU.
You are the sum total of a completely distinct and unique set of circumstances, family upbringing, cultural references, joys, and sorrows.  YOU will never happen again.

With that kind of intention set deep inside of you, you can turn your powerful attention to meeting an audience’s gaze and become of service to that audience, and wow them, delight them, engage them.  Not from a place of iniquity, or “I’m not quite good enough for this”, but rather from a place of “I am worthy.  You are also worthy. Here is what I would like to teach you, and I am going to deliver this message in a way that is fully me.”

Trust me when I tell you, if you take the stage, or move to the front of the room with that kind of energy, the audience feels it.  Big time.

I truly believe that this is why a person like Lady Gaga is so successful.  Sure, she can sing (can’t most of the finalists in American Idol?), she can dance, but girlfriend is out there pushing the boundaries in nearly every dimension, mostly as an extension of her own instincts.

She believes she is worthy, and as a result, she doesn’t question her bizarre impulses to walk the red carpet in a plastic egg, or wear raw meat as an evening gown.  She just does it. And guess what?  We eat it up, and up the charts she rises.

So the next time you find yourself speaking up in front of the masses, or even at the next team meeting, channel Lady Gaga, and remind yourself, “we were all born superstars.”

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