This 87-Year-Old Nun Is The Only Person Facing Trial In Spain's Huge Baby-Stealing Scandal

imageMaria Gomez tries to escape a swarm of cameras

Someone may finally pay for the tens of thousands of babies stolen in Spain dating as far back as the 1936-39 Civil War and continuing as recently as the 1990s.Catholic nun Sister Maria Gomez, 87, is facing charges of false imprisonment and forgery on accusations that she stole a mother’s newborn daughter at a Madrid hospital in 1982.

Of course there were many nuns involved in the practice.

CNN learned how it worked from one man, Juan Luis Moreno, who was in his 40s when his dying father told him that he and his childhood friend were both illegally adopted through Catholic nuns.

Moreno said a “doctor” would provide a baby and the families would subsequently make annual payments to Catholic nuns — in his case the cost was double the price of the family’s home — while the real parents were told by hospital staff that their babies had died during or after childbirth

The practice was seems to have been motivated by a desire to remove children from “undesirable” left-wing parents and give them to “approved” right-wing families, according to BBC News.

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