The Baby Name Trends For Australia Coming In 2015

Prince George in Australia. David Foote /Admiralty House via Getty Images

Australian social researchers McCrindle has been tracking baby names and using official statistics to pick emerging trends, those names which come in and out of favour.

Mark McCrindle, a demographer and head of the research house, says new parents will in 2015 move away from creative names toward more traditional and historical ones.

“Our latest analysis shows that Australians have drawn back from fad-driven naming, such as creative spelling or borrowing names from popular movies and TV series like Game of Thrones, Twilight and The Hobbit,” McCrindle says.

“Instead, parents are starting to look back into the past and choosing names that have substance so they’re not just in for today but will last for a lifetime.”

The trends, according to McCrindle:

Military History

Names will be influenced by historic military events. 2015 marks 100 years since the Anzac landings, so watch for names such as Cadence, Jett and Reginald. Simpson, of Simpson and his donkey fame, might get a run. Others include Winston, after Winston Churchill, and Marshall, Lance and Scout and Navy for girls

All things Aussie

Australian place names and traditional choices such as Victoria and Adelaide. Then there’s Avalon, Eden, Bronte, Brighton, Matilda and Arcadia.

Royal names

Another royal baby will be born in 2015. The birth of Prince George in 2013 saw this name, and other royal names, rise in the rankings. William is the number one most used boy’s name. And Harry is becoming popular. McCrindle says this time may see Albert, Louis and Edward emerge for boys and if the baby is a girl think Katherine, Diana, Elizabeth Alexandra and Caroline.

The 100-year return

Names big a century ago have been coming back. McCrindle says the old names are dominating the top ten names such as William, Jack, Ethan, Thomas and James for the boys, and Charlotte, Ruby, Amelia and Ava for the girls.

Contemporary Classics

McCrindle says this means surnames as first names, historical people as influencers and place names and values as baby names.

Boys: Lincoln, Luther, Calvin, Harrison, Wesley, Mackenzie, Bailey, Justice, Blaise, Barnabas and Raphael.

Girls: Alexandria, Piper, Brooklyn, Anastacia, Gabrielle, Joy, Grace and Peace.

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