'Baby' Carrots Are Just Cut Up Normal-Sized Carrots

Shocking news of the day: Baby carrots aren’t actually baby-sized carrots. They are cut into the cute two-inch carrots by a machine.

According to 100 days of real food, the waste from this process (at least that created by CalOrganic varieties) is used as shredded carrots or as “mash” that goes into cattle feed.

There have also been rumours that these carrots are washed or soaked in “chlorine” during the cutting and peeling process. This seems to be true for some varieties, but the level of chlorine is very low. It is used as an anti-microbial to stop bacteria from growing on the carrots, since they are moist and don’t have skin to protect them.

When they are in season, you can usually find real baby carrots at your local farmers market. You know they are real because they have the skin, and usually the tops, still attached.

But that’s not all. Plenty of other “baby” vegetables have secrets of their own.

Here’s the video from Producepedia, on YouTube:

(h/t to Katie Notopoulos, who told the story of the baby carrot on BuzzFeed using GIFs)

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