BABY BILLBOARDS: An Artist Covered These Babies In Brand Logos

baby billboards

Photo: Dietrich Wegner

Artist Dietrich Wegner¬†covered the entire bodies of babies in tattoos to create these strange images.¬†Don’t worry, that’s not real ink. It’s all Photoshopped on.

The series of photographs is called “Cumulous Brand,” and the logos featured range from Lego and PBS to Hoegaarden and Coca-Cola.

“The tattoos are selected through an interview process with an adult prominent in the child’s life, usually the parents,” says Wegner, according to Inhabitots. “Each work is a portrait through the logos of the products used, the activities participated in and organisations belonged to throughout this adult’s life.”

“Cumulous Brand is a meditation on how our identities evolve and how we declare them.”

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