11 photos of urban coincidences that will make you look twice

Eight people walking with lattes in hand; an intersection full of people carrying balloons; eight people yawning at once. These scenes lie somewhere between fantasy and reality, says photographer Peter Funch.

Funch’s best-known work, “Babel Tales,” combines multiple photos from locations in Manhattan to create uncanny coincidences.

“Humans most often can only experience time in a linear manner,” Funch said in a 2013 interview. “Breaking away from a linear perspective of time does not make an image ‘untrue.'”

Funch has experimented with temporal perspective in other series, taking simultaneous pictures of an event from multiple perspectives and recreating postcards in modern photos. He shared a selection from “Babel Tales” below.

'Memory Lane'

'Screaming Dreamers'

'Hommage A Ellis.' Says Funch: 'This is taken right when Recession hit America in 2008 outside Wall Street on the Friday when it was Halloween.' See if you can spot the psycho killer.


'Informing Informers'

'Enforcing Enforcers'

'Exigent State'

'En Passant'

'Pantone Pantomime'

'Posing Posers'

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