Incredible Footage Of Babe Ruth And The First Game Of Lou Gehrig's Record Streak

A researcher for the Baseball Hall of Fame recently discovered previously unseen video footage of the 1925 New York Yankees including stars Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Walter Johnson (see video below).

The researcher discovered the footage looking through a collection of Fox Movietone News outtakes at the University of South Carolina. He was able to date the game in question using some visual clues including the uniform being warn by the catcher.

The game, which took place on June 1, 1925 against the Washington Senators, was important at the time because it marked the first game of the season for Ruth who missed the first two months with “The Bellyache Heard ‘Round the World” (at the time some speculated that Ruth just had digestive problems from overeating).

But as luck would have it, Gehrig, who at the time was a little-known backup and is shown sitting in the dugout in the clip below, would pinch-hit in this game. That was significant because it turned out to be the first game of his record consecutive games streak as he would not miss another game for 14 years.

Here is the footage, which shows Ruth chatting before the game. You can read more about the researcher’s detective work as well as see Ruth grounding out against Johnson in the full clip seen at Baseball Researcher (this clip comes via the New York Times).

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