Bill O'Reilly Vs. Jon Stewart Part 2: Global Warming, Jews, Genitals

The second instalment of the Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart’s sit-down with The O’Reilly Factor‘s Bill O’Reilly was a bit more tame than Wednesday’s run.

Stewart got his Fox News critiques out of the way and instead, delved into more legislative issues and his views on President Obama.

Global warming and environmental issues:

Stewart: I’m not a scientist, I can only assume common sense if you burn a lot of stuff and put it in the atmosphere, it means something–what it means I don’t know.


O’Reilly: I believe [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad he wants to drive you and all the other Jewish people into the sea.

Stewart: I cannot control that…Here’s what we can’t do. Our strategy for battling terrorism can’t be that you overthrow governments and then make the United States military commit 150,000 troops to those lands until they can somehow stabilise the governments long enough so that you can prevent 10 people from plotting destruction in a basement.

Stewart: Doesn’t Pakistan have nuclear weapons? Couldn’t they give it somebody? Doesn’t Russia have nuclear weapons? Couldn’t they give it to somebody? The problem isn’t the country that gets them, the problem seems to be the weapons.

The Christmas Day bomber, who hid explosives in his underpants:

Stewart: Let’s look at the geniuses we’re up against…It took them eight years. And the plan they came up with in eight years is–’Uh, why don’t we try sticking it under that guy’s genitals?’

Watch the full, unedited interview below:

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