Rapper Azealia Banks endorses Donald Trump for president in a bizarre rant because she has 'no hope in America'

Azealia Banks can always be counted on for saying and doing the unexpected.

The rapper took to Twitter in the early hours of Monday to say that she has made up her mind and plans to vote for Donald Trump.

Banks then proceeded to provide reasoning, saying that America is “evil” and so is Donald Trump, so they’re a perfect match. And she said that Trump is the only candidate truly capable of busting up big business.

She also asserted that her endorsement of Trump is “step one” in a plan where “reparatations are the goal,” though how a President Trump would lead to reparations will certainly leave plenty scratching their heads.

In her usual mode, Banks also took on her critics, calling them out openly and responding to their comments. She is not one to shy away from a flame war.

But those who are used to Banks’ shenanigans have found another potential motive. With a new song, “The Big Beat,” coming out in just days, she may just be getting her name back on people’s radar. The Trump support could easily be less than genuine.

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