Motor Sports, Reality TV, And Wrestling Are Popular Interests Among The Least Educated People In America

Bachelor reality tvThe Bachelor‘The Bachelor’

Facebook data and online dating profiles can reveal surprising details about how our backgrounds influence our interests.

Part of dating site‘s dating algorithm involves putting users into “communities” based on Facebook interests. A user who likes “Star Wars” will be placed in the Sci-Fi community, and a user who lists themselves as a fan of the New York Giants will be placed in the Football community. This way, AYI can match up users that are in the same interest communities.

As with many dating sites and apps, users are also encouraged to indicate their levels of educational attainment based on one of four categories: high school, some college, college, and post-graduate.

AYI decided to put these two elements of their dating system together. They assigned points to users based on education: one point for high school, two for some college, and so on. Based on this, they found the average education score for each of the interest communities, and the results were mostly what one could have expected.

Here are the ten communities with the highest average education score:

Classical music’s score of 2.92 indicates that an average AYI user whose Facebook interests indicate a love of classical music has a college degree.

Here are the ten communities with the lowest average education score:

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