Ayesha Curry says everyone should know how to make the perfect steak before they turn 30. Here's how she does it.

Hollis Jonson/INSIDER and Ayesha CurryAyesha Curry shared her tips for the perfect steak recipe.
  • Ayesha Curry thinks everyone should learn to master a perfect steakrecipe before turning 30.
  • She told INSIDER she loves a good steak because it’s simple to make yet still yields impressive results.
  • Curry recommends searing the steak in a cast iron skillet for two minutes on each side before popping it into the oven for another seven to nine minutes.

From a show on the Food Network to a new GoDaddy-produced lifestyle site called Homemade, Ayesha Curry has already built an impressive brand at the age of 29.

Before the entrepreneur turns 30 on March 23, INSIDER asked Curry to tell us the one dish every adult should master before leaving their 20s.

“I think knowing how to make a perfect steak is very important,” Curry told us. “And not on the grill, in a cast iron skillet.”

Ayesha curry steakAyesha CurryAyesha Curry thinks a cast iron skillet is key.

According to the recipe on her website, Curry recommends searing the steak for two minutes on each side before popping it into the oven for another seven to nine minutes.

Curry thinks this recipe is essential since it doesn’t take much time, yet the results are still impressive – especially for those looking for a good date night food.

“I feel like it’s impressive when you make somebody a filet or a bone-in ribeye and you have that perfect sear on the top,” she told us. “The best part is you’re able to be in the moment while you’re cooking and entertaining because you sear the meat and then it goes right into the oven.”

Ayesha steak seared recipeAyesha CurryShe recommends finishing the steak in the oven.

To take steak to the next level, Curry suggests popping some rosemary and garlic in the skillet before putting it in the oven so it infuses the meat with more flavour.

If you’re not a meat-eater, Curry previously told us she recommends finding a sheet-pan recipe that works for you since they’re completely customisable.

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Ayesha CurryHollis Johnson/INSIDERAyesha Curry recently launched a new website called Homemade.

Get Curry’s exact recipe over on her website, and check out Homemade site to keep up with all her various ventures.

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