Stephen Curry's wife responded to this viral on-court photo of a model eyeing her husband

Model Roni Rose went viral last week during Game Two of the NBA Finals after cameras seemingly caught her giving a seductive look to Warriors star Stephen Curry.

The internet had a field day with the image.

Things escalated during Game Four when Rose had better seats than Curry’s wife, Ayesha.

But Ayesha wasn’t laughing.

Ayesha CurryEzra Shaw/Getty ImagesAyesha and Stephen Curry.

Instead, Ayesha defended Rose.

She tweeted: “I think is you need to leave her alone. They have been supporting the dubs for a long time. Stop judging. It’s irrelevant.”

Rose, a self-proclaimed “mummy/ dancer/ model/ hustler,” indeed has been a huge Warriors fan for as far back as her popular Instagram page goes.

Rose was thrilled that Curry came to her defence.

She posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Soooo @ayeshacurry just made my day!!! Thanks for setting it straight. Now let’s get this win!!!! Go warriors.

Rose’s mum previously set the record straight via Instagram.
She explained after the viral Game Two photo that her daughter was “sitting next to her lovely boyfriend” who has “season tickets.”

So there you have it. Everyone is friends, just in time for the Warriors to get knocked out during Game Five.


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