A UK insurance firm will compensate people affected by the 'unprecedented' Trump travel ban

LONDON — AXA Insurance UK promised to compensate customers for costs arising from President Donald Trump’s “
unprecedented and unforeseen” executive order on Friday banning people from seven majority Muslim countries from travelling to the US.

A spokesperson at AXA Insurance UK sent Business Insider the following statement over email:

“In light of the sudden and unexpected decision by the Trump administration to block entry to the US for nationals from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen, AXA Insurance UK confirms that individuals who have been denied entry as a result of the executive order, will be able to claim on their policy.

“Although not technically covered, we view the current situation as unprecedented and unforeseen and as such we are extending the cover under our policies. For those intending to travel to, or return from, the United States of America we recommend allowing extra time due to protests currently taking place at a number of airports.”

US President Donald Trump on Friday signed an executive order banning people from seven majority Muslim countries — Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen — from travelling to the US.

The move has attracted widespread criticism from world leaders and sparked protests across the US.

At the moment it is still confusing from a British citizen’s perspective on whether they can enter the US, even with dual citizenship.

The US embassy in London sent out new advice on Monday, urging people with dual citizenship from those countries affected by Trump’s travel ban not to apply for US Visas, despite claims from the UK government that such a ban does not apply.

Meanwhile, a petition on Parliament’s website calling for Trump not to be given a full “State Visit” to the UK has gained more than 1 million signatures in less than 48 hours.

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