Peak union body says the raids on the Australian Workers Union are ridiculous and a waste of money

ACTU secretary Sally McManus/ 7.30

ACTU secretary Sally McManus has condemned the police raids on the offices of the Australian Workers Union late yesterday.

In a statement, McManus said: “This is the sort of action you would expect to see by an authoritarian dictator, and it has no place in Australia.”

The full statement:

The ACTU condemns the nakedly political use of the AFP in today’s action against the working people and their representatives.

Using the police in such a way while refusing to do anything to prevent money laundering by terrorists and drug dealers by the big banks, demonstrates the government’s appalling priorities.

This is the sort of action you would expect to see by an authoritarian dictator, and it has no place in Australia. All Australians should be disgusted.

Malcolm Turnbull’s grubby political tactics and abuse of power to attack those who oppose his anti-worker policies is a new-low.

She later joined the 7.30 Report on ABC TV, where she expressed her confidence that nothing would be found as a result of the raid.

“I am totally confident that there’s nothing to be concerned about,” she said.

“Remember this, this is a donation to GetUp! that they are raiding offices to investigate. It’s ridiculous and the Australian people will find that out very soon.”

The raids come as part of an investigation by the union watchdog, the Registered Organisations Commission, into Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s donations when he was AWU secretary a decade ago.

The investigation seeks to find out whether donations in questions were made to left-leaning lobby group GetUp in 2006 and to Shorten’s election campaign in 2007 were properly authorised. under union rules.

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