10 Out-Of-The-Box Wine Labels That Truly Entice Buyers

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Photo: Photo courtesy CreativeFan

When shopping, a wine label is likely the first thing to call your attention to any particular wine bottle. But do you know just how much that label influences your purchasing habits? Research shows that when browsing a store’s shelf, 100% of people said that a wine’s label is either somewhat or very important in their decision to purchase a product.

We recently shared some of our favourite innovations in wine packaging, and now are excited to let you in on a collection of 10 truly unique and creatively designed wine labels. Special thanks to TheCoolist, PSFK, LovelyPackage, TheDieline and CreativeFan for the inspiration for this post.

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This post originally appeared on Snooth.

Bear Flag Wine

Bear Flag Wine from California had their labels designed by artist and illustrator Eduardo Bertone. Judging by his portfolio, it seems they gave him creative freedom to design their labels. The result is what you'd expect, a work of art.

Photo courtesy TheDieline


Designed by Eulie Lee, these Mayrah Wine bottles use lots of bright colours to make the bottles pop (not literally). Not sure if these ever made it to shelves, but still an eye pleaser.

Photo courtesy CreativeFan

Tierra Earth

Here's another that likely wasn't commercially available, but is still a really amazing bottle. This one was designed by Eduardo del Fraile of Spain.

Photo courtesy CreativeFan


This cool label idea was used by creative agency The Creative Method as a client gift.

Photo courtesy PSFK

Mini Garage

Legend has it that Mini Garage Winery produces their wine in what used to be a tractor shop in Germany.

Photo courtesy TheCoolist

Honey Moon

This Honey Moon label and packaging was designed by Lauren Golembiewski, and was created as a promotional item.

Photo courtesy TheCoolist

12 Signs

Designed by Anchalee Chambundabongse, the 12 Signs Wine labels were created to have a different label for each sign of the Zodiac.

Photo courtesy LovelyPackage

Cycle Buff Beauty

Another beauty, this time from MASH for Misfits Wine Co.

Photo courtesy LovelyPackage


Not only are the labels on these bottles unique, each bottle comes with instructions on how to make a tiki torch with your empty wine bottle once you've finished the wine. Now that's what I call recycling!

Photo courtesy LovelyPackage

Siete Pecados

Designed by Sidecar, each bottle reflects one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Photo courtesy LovelyPackage

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