This Wealth Manager Has A Sick Trading Desk And Even Sicker Office Views

Charles Doraine has been working in finance for over 40 years — enough to have earned some respect, and enough to earn a sweet trading desk.

The Merrill Lynch vet and former portfolio manager was kind enough to send us pictures of his awesome setup (you’ll note 10 monitors and 7 Mont Blanc pens). He also told us a little bit about where he is now.

Doraine owns his own wealth management firm, Doraine Wealth Management Group, Inc, in Corpus Christi, Texas. He says he’s been a Bloomberg user since 1989. Now he puts his famous machines to work tracking municipals, which are a large part of his business, equities, options, structured notes and mutual funds, for high net worth clients.

From Doraine:

My system came from Digital Tigers, in Georgia, and was custom built to my specs. My favourite part of this system maybe the amount of people who are in awe of such a big system and beautiful system. There are 5 separate Nvidia high end video cards, and a chunk of flash memory, and other cool stuff. My office is on the 23rd floor of a building which overlooks the Corpus Christi Bayfront, and my view is as good as my screens.

Check out the screens below, they’re beautiful to behold. Not only that, but Doraine is totally right about his view. Scroll down for that and you won’t regret it.

charles doraine trading desk

Photo: Charles Doraine

Now for the view.

corpus christi bay charles doraine

Photo: Charles Doraine

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