Awesome Start-Up Idea: MT/Wordpress as Service

If you tried to read SAI in the past hour, you might have noticed that the site was slow or dead.  We noticed immediately, of course, and we called the paramedics (our own multi-talented, indefatigable Dan Frommer), who rushed in with the defibrillator paddles.  And now, much emergency-room effort and editorial hyperventilation later, the site’s working again.

The problem?  Who the @#%$ knows.  Dan’s working on it, and it will probably take him half the weekend to figure it out.  What we do know is that, two weeks ago, we switched from annoyingly restrictive Typepad to annoyingly complicated Movable Type, and after a frantic week of debugging, had finally reached a state of near-stability.  Until someone somewhere kicked a plug out.

Was this an MT problem?  A server problem?  An ISP problem?  A hosting problem?  We may never know.  Nor, frankly, will we in the editorial department or you in the reader department ever care.  On behalf of the thousands of small professional publishers everywhere, however, we can tell you that what we want more than anything is…

An online publishing dial-tone.

That is, a simple, easy to use, and flexible platform designed for clueless publishing types and delivered as a service.  We want the platform to be there, 24/7, 365, and we never want to hear the word “server” or “reboot” ever again.  If you want to run this service using MT.  Fine.  If you want to run it using WordPress.  Fine.  We don’t give a @#!%. 

We want you to let us sign up using a credit card, design our site how we want to design it (using simple tools), and then make sure the damn thing works 24/7, 365.  We also don’t want to pay the $300 a month (plus $600 setup!) that WordPress VIP charges for its service like this or the several thousand that some hosts charge. $99 would be fine.

Start this company, and we’ll be your first customer.  If we like your service, we’ll even write you a rave.

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