Other NBA Players And Coaches Are Helping Dallas Beat The Heat

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Photo: AP

It’s common knowledge that every sports fan hates the Heat with a fiery passion.But apparently NBA players and coaches do too, and are doing everything they can to help the Mavericks out.

Eddie Sesko at the Mavs blog for the Dallas Morning News posted these quotes from DeShawn Stevenson before last night’s game:

“‘The guys that I deal with, they say a lot of things about how to guard and the way to play them. And coach said a lot of coaches called him about how to play the Miami Heat. I just think a lot of people want to see us win this thing.'”

“‘I take it as they’re not liked for what happened this summer with getting everybody the way they did it and obviously the way they play and showboat, all them things,’ Stevenson said. ‘I just think we’re — I don’t want to say clean-cut — but we’re the guys that play the right way, pass the ball and do things. We just got to worry about ourselves. We got a great team and a great group of guys. We just got to go out on the last home game and try to bring this home.'”

Not so sure Stevenson and his crazy/awesome Abe Lincoln tattoo qualify as “clean-cut.” But it’s great to see the NBA rank and file side with the forces of good over the forces of evil.

While we don’t condone bush league tactics like sabotaging the personal life of a certain Heat player, any tip a colleague can give Dirk and company is fair game.

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