These are the awesome intern perks at Silicon Valley's biggest companies

Most graduates and students consider themselves lucky if they land an internship where they do more than make coffee and file admin work.

But the interns heading to Silicon Valley this summer have got it made. Not only are these young hopefuls working with some of the tech world’s most innovative organisations, they get to take advantage of some of the coolest intern perks around.

From free gym memberships to secret concerts by some of the most famous musicians in the world, these interns will have a summer to remember.

While the perks shouldn’t be the sole reason for applying to an internship, they can definitely be a pulling factor. Check out our list of Silicon Valley’s coolest intern perks below, inspired by the “Which Silicon Valley company has the best intern perks?” thread on Quora.

Google -- Luxury boat cruises and gourmet cuisine

Google Plus/Dobromir Montauk
With a free bar and casino tables, things can get a bit wild at Google's intern boat parties.

Aside from top notch accommodation, Google interns can take advantage of the flexible work hours, which allow them to come and go as they please.

They also receive credits for the massage chairs scattered throughout the campus and go on luxury intern boat cruises in the San Francisco Bay area, complete with a free bar and casino tables.

This is all on top of being able to use the nap pods to sleep at work, and access any of the 20 gourmet cafeterias on campus. Seems pretty cushy.

Microsoft -- Free gadgets and secret concerts


Microsoft keeps its interns motivated with a plethora of perks, including early access to its latest tech.

But perhaps the best perk is the company's 'Intern Signature Week.' Interns are flown to the main campus in Redmond where they are treated to Q&A sessions with execs, gourmet food, and outdoor activities.

The entire week builds up to the 'Intern Signature Event.' On the final day, the interns are herded onto coaches and taken to a mystery location. One Quora user was taken to a secret concert at the Boeing headquarters -- opened by Macklemore and finished by Deadmau5. And to top it off, each intern left with a 256GB Surface Pro.

This year, Maroon 5 entertained the interns.

(video provider='youtube' id='NiWiKKAM5SE' size='xlarge' align='center')

Dropbox -- Unlimited storage and professional ping pong training

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider
A portrait of Dropbox CEO, Drew Houston.

One Dropbox intern on Quora lauded the company for its 'Parents Weekend,' where they fly interns' parents to the San Francisco office for two days, pay for accommodation, and explain what Dropbox is, what their vision is and why everyone is so excited to be working there.

Ontop of Parents' Weekend, Dropbox cover your transport all over San Francisco, pay for your phone plan, haircuts, and massages and offer professional ping-pong training and a giant music room, filled with a range of musical instruments. But perhaps most importantly, they allow their interns to set their own Dropbox space quota for life.

If that's not enough to tempt you, they also offer a killer monthly salary of over $US8,000.

eBay -- Massage Monday, Talkin' Tuesdays, and Bagel Wednesdays

eBay careers
eBay interns.

One Quora user described his time interning at eBay as 'inexplicably awesome.'

As with a lot of other Silicon Valley companies, eBay embraces the flexible work hours approach. During his time at eBay in New York, the company provided Massage Monday, Talkin' Tuesdays, and Bagel Wednesdays.

Spontaneous rooftop parties and company outings to the New York Yankees baseball games were often on the agenda.

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