50 award-winning photos of weddings from 2020

Junebug WeddingsPhotographed in McCall, Idaho, by Maggie Grace of Maggie Grace Photography.
  • Junebug Weddings released its 50 winners for the “2020 Best of the Best Wedding Photography Collection” in December.
  • Among the winners were a couple getting photo-bombed by a giraffe, a snowy Coloradoan wedding, and a family using a “shot ski.”
  • The 50 photos came from all around the world, from Fiji to New York City to the Netherlands.
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Even though the coronavirus pandemic changed almost every aspect of our lives this year, it didn’t mean that people stopped having milestone moments.

All around the world, people found new ways to get married, whether it was by asking people to mask up or getting married in the middle of a lake.

Junebug Weddings released its annual collection of the best wedding photos of 2020 in December — keep scrolling to see who made the cut this year.

Who says third wheels have to be awkward? Just look at this friendly giraffe in Melbourne, Australia.

Junebug WeddingsSilas Chau.

Learn more about photographer Silas Chau here.

This bride and groom just wanted a dip after getting hitched in McCall, Idaho.

Junebug WeddingsMaggie Grace Photography.

Learn more about Maggie Grace Photography here.

This photo manages to make a windy day and a wedding dress look like a piece of moving art in Sintra, Portugal.

Junebug WeddingsValter Antunes of Fotolux.

Learn more about Fotolux here.

This greenhouse wedding under a jaw-dropping sky was captured in Kooroomba, Australia.

Junebug WeddingsDaniel Faint of Faint Artistry.

Learn more about Faint Artistry here.

These two found love under the sea in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Junebug WeddingsAmy Bluestar Painter of Amy Bluestar Photography.

Learn more about Amy Bluestar Photography here.

This couple looks straight out of a travel ad for Greece.

Junebug WeddingsKostas Petsas of Cinema of Poetry.

Learn more about Cinema of Poetry here.

This bride and groom are definitely walking in a winter wonderland — or maybe just a typical Colorado vista.

Junebug WeddingsAmber Sovorsky of Adventure Instead.

Learn more about Adventure Instead here.

In Moscow, Russia, these newlyweds are making their escape with a motorcycle and sidecar.

Junebug WeddingsKatya Mukhina of Purlitas.

Learn more about Purlitas here.

This first dance was captured inside Manhattan’s Oculus at One World Trade Centre.

Junebug WeddingsJianan Yao of Frame Your Love Photography.

Learn more about Frame Your Love Photography here.

These two brides were photographed in front of Mount Rainier in Washington.

Junebug WeddingsHenry Tieu of Henry Tieu Photography.

Learn more about Henry Tieu Photography here.

This breathtaking photo was taken in Helsinki, Finland.

Junebug WeddingsHeidi Kouvo of Heidi Kouvo Photography.

Learn more about Heidi Kouvo Photography here.

This Hindu celebration was captured in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Junebug WeddingsEshant Raju of Eshantraju Photography.

Learn more about Eshantraju Photography here.

It’s amazing to see both the real bride and groom and their reflections in the sand at this wedding in Northumberland, England.

Junebug WeddingsPeter Robinson of Eye of the Tyne Photography.

Learn more about Eye of the Tyne Photography here.

This photo taken in Australia’s Northern Territory looks like it was Photoshopped — but it’s real.

Junebug WeddingsMarcus Bell of Studio Impressions Photography.

Learn more about Studio Impressions Photography here.

This sweet snapshot of two brides catching snowflakes in Asheville, North Carolina, will surely bring a smile to your face.

Junebug WeddingsAurelia Baca of Aurelia Baca Photography.

Learn more about Aurelia Baca Photography here.

In North Carolina, a couple took an intimate minute to themselves.

Junebug WeddingsMonisa Dobbins of Monisa J. Photography.

Learn more about Monisa J. Photography here.

This couple fits right in with the vintage moviegoers in Victoria, Australia.

Junebug WeddingsOli Sansom of Briars Atlas.

Learn more about Briars Atlas here.

This wedding was held in Toronto, Canada.

Junebug WeddingsJennifer Cornthwaite of Jennifer See Studios.

Learn more about Jennifer See Studios here.

This colour-blocked photo from Dublin, Ireland, is aesthetically pleasing.

Junebug WeddingsSasson Haviv of Sasson Haviv Photography.

Learn more about Sasson Haviv Photography here.

We get an unconventional look at a couple exchanging their vows in this photo from Yosemite National Park in California.

Junebug WeddingsWill Khoury of Will Khoury.

Learn more about Will Khoury here.

This photo was also taken inside Yosemite National Park.

Junebug WeddingsDarren Hendry of The Hendrys.

Learn more about The Hendrys here.

The newlyweds are driving off into the sunset in Monterrey, Mexico.

Junebug WeddingsAdriana Farias of Adriana Foto.

Learn more about Adriana Foto here.

This photographer managed to make this wedding in Tuscany, Italy, look like a Renaissance painting.

Junebug WeddingsNico and Vinx of The Ferros.

Learn more about The Ferros here.

This dramatically lit wedding was in Auckland, New Zealand.

Junebug WeddingsCameron Thorp of Chasewild.

Learn more about Chasewild here.

This family bonded by using a “shot ski” at the wedding in Whistler, Canada.

Junebug WeddingsMike Vallely of Shari + Mike Photographers.

Learn more about Shari + Mike Photographers here.

This photo of emotional bride in the Scottish Highlands is beautiful.

Junebug WeddingsDylan Kitchener of The Kitcheners.

Learn more about The Kitcheners here.

This bride and groom won’t let the rain bother them.

Junebug WeddingsKrishna Pradana Adi Putra of Berawal Dari Teman.

Learn more about Berawal Dari Teman here.

This Californian bride looks like she’s coming out of a dream.

Junebug WeddingsMel Rey of Mel Rey Photo.

Learn more about Mel Rey Photo here.

This up-close photo taken in New Orleans, Louisiana, captures a serene moment between the bride and groom.

Junebug WeddingsJohn Myers of John Myers Photography and Videography.

Learn more about John Myers Photography and Videography here.

Both grooms look emotional at this wedding in Ontario, Canada.

Junebug WeddingsDiego Moura of Diego and Liza Photography.

Learn more about Diego and Liza Photography here.

If you look closely, you can spot a single tear rolling down the bride’s cheek at her wedding in Prozelo, Portugal.

Junebug WeddingsJose Teixeira & Catarina Gonçalves of It’s All About.

Learn more about It’s All About here.

Catch the bride and groom breaking it down at their wedding in Phuket, Thailand.

Junebug WeddingsPeter Herman of Peter Herman Photography.

Learn more about Peter Herman Photography here.

This couple incorporated indigenous traditions into their wedding in Vanua Levu, Fiji.

Junebug WeddingsRopate Kama of Kama Catch Me.

Learn more about Kama Catch Me here.

These newlyweds look at ease in the Mediterranean Sea in France.

Junebug WeddingsEspir Ludivine of Ludivine Photographe.

Learn more about Ludivine Photographe here.

The groom appears to be giving his bride the moon in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Junebug WeddingsBastian Najich of Alinea Pictures.

Learn more about Alinea Pictures here.

Weddings everywhere were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including this one at the Iglesia San Gabriel in Costa Rica.

Junebug WeddingsMauricio Ureña of Mauricio Ureña Photography.

Learn more about Mauricio Ureña Photography here.

This happy couple was wed with their dogs by their side in Madrid, Spain.

Junebug WeddingsDaniel Alonso Mendez of People Truelove Tellers.

Learn more People Truelove Tellers here.

This Indian wedding in Gwalior looks like a blast.

Junebug WeddingsClaudio Grande of AmoreGrande.

Learn more about AmoreGrande here.

Attending a wedding at an Icelandic waterfall is probably on all of our bucket lists.

Junebug WeddingsJane Iskra of ISKRA Photography.

Learn more about ISKRA Photography here.

But we also wouldn’t mind attending a library wedding in Fussen, Germany.

Junebug WeddingsCat Ekkelboom-White of Wild Connections Photography.

Learn more about Wild Connections Photography here.

This couple in Chicago, Illinois, wouldn’t look out of place in a Dior ad.

Junebug WeddingsMelody Adams of Melody Joy Co.

Learn more about Melody Joy Co. here.

This dreamy photo was taken inside San Francisco’s Moongate Lounge.

Junebug WeddingsHelena and Laurent Martin of Helena and Laurent.

Learn more about Helena and Laurent here.

In Selangor, Malaysia, this bride shared a moment with her parents.

Junebug WeddingsVincent Cheng of Trees on the Moon.

Learn more about Trees on the Moon here.

Who needs sprinklers when you have a fire hydrant?

Junebug WeddingsEmin Kuliyev of Emin Wedding photography.

Learn more about Emin Wedding Photography here.

Here’s another masked bride in Banff, Canada.

Junebug WeddingsVirginia Strobel of Virginia & Evan.

Learn more about Virginia & Evan here.

Martijn Roos captured these newlyweds soaking in a musical moment in the Netherlands.

Junebug WeddingsMartijn Roos of Martijn Roos.

Learn more about Martijn Roos here.

Everyone who wears high heels knows that feeling of taking them off at the end of the night — just ask this bride in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Junebug WeddingsEsteban Gil of Esteban Gil Photography.

Learn more about Esteban Gil Photography here.

This Big Sky, Montana, wedding looks like a real rager.

Junebug WeddingsDavid Clumpner of David Clumpner.

Learn more about David Clumpner here.

An overhead shot is a great way to showcase a beautiful table setting, as seen at this wedding in Old Montreal, Canada.

Junebug WeddingsGabrielle Desmarchais of Gabrielle Desmarchais Photographe.

Learn more about Gabrielle Desmarchais Photographe here.

This couple was bathed in light at their Austrian wedding.

Junebug WeddingsDaniel Jenny of Dan Jenson Photography.

Learn more about Dan Jenson Photography here.

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