Do YouTube’s Founders Want To Kill Twitter?

Steven Chen and Chad Hurley

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AVOS, the new web company founded by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, has bought yet another startup.This time it’s Tap11, a service that lets companies monitor conversations about them on Facebook and Twitter.

This comes hot on the heels of their buying Delicious, the beloved bookmarking service, from Yahoo. Tap11’s co-founders will be joining AVOS in top executive roles.

Just what are the AVOS founders cooking up?

It’s not very clear, but in the release Hurley says “our vision is to create the world’s best platform for users to save, share, and discover new content.” So it sounds like AVOS will be a mix between Delicious, Twitter and Buzzfeed?

It’s easy to see how Delicious fits into that vision: it’s already a huge, rich database of content that people like, and it comes with a relatively small but passionate userbase.

And buying Tap11 does also makes sense: their technology would be useful for analysing all the data they’re going to be processing, and to help marketers monetise the site.

The bigger problem with the AVOS vision as it’s stated is that there’s already a very good platform to “save, share and discover new content”, and it’s called Twitter.

Of course Hurley and Chen are not exactly new to cooking up huge consumer successes. But it seems that content discovery and sharing is already something social networks do very well. And social networks not only let people discover and share content, they let them do tons of other stuff as well. So it seems like the barrier is very high for a consumer site for pure content discovery and sharing to gain mass adoption.

In other words, from the admittedly very limited information we have, it sounds like AVOS is a solution in search of a problem.

But hey, we hope to be proven wrong.

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